Source. Create. Design. Dedicated. Committed.

Our Account Management and Creative teams supported by the Production team will work together to ensure the concept, client’s requirements, production timeline as well as delivery deadlines are met. When it comes to new merchandise, everyone is involved in sourcing the items including market visits as well as trade and gift fairs.

Finding the ‘perfect’ gift

We believe that no two clients are the same. Similarly, your requirements.

Which is why, we need to profile your needs first. Once we lock in the essential profiles, the more personalised and tailor-made the gifts will be.

More than just the experience

We provide added value by providing logistics and warehousing solutions.

Not only that, we will also regularly update you on new merchandise, current designs and creative ideas created by dnaCOMM, our parent company that ranges from above-the-line and below-the-line services, events to digital.